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WINDOOR durable, high quality skylights are a marvelous addition to any home, due to their strength, durability and of course, their stunning designs.

Our Sky Light / Dome products are available in both uPVC or specially fabricated Aluminium, that is offered in various shapes, sizes and designs.
WINDOOR skylights transform both the inside and outside of your home and add an overall sense of refined style aside from their beauty.
Our skylights are water tight and incredibly durable, able to withstand the UAE's harshest seasons.
Our Skylights also lighten otherwise dim areas, as well as opening up smaller spaces, giving an overall feeling of spacious luxury.


Unique, bold and daring, this design adds a sharp sophistication to your home.


Simple and practical, this style is great for modern homes with clean, minimalist designs.


Majestic & awe inspiring, Barrel Vault skylights are great for large, high-ceilinged homes.


Traditional, elegant and graceful, Dome skylights add the perfect touch of class to any home or villa.


Skylights and domes are popular architectural features in Dubai because of their ability to allow natural light into buildings, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing feature that can enhance the interior design of a building.


Skylights are typically flat or sloping windows that are installed in the roof of a building, while domes are curved or hemispherical structures that are often used to cover large open spaces, such as atriums or courtyards.


In Dubai, skylights and domes are commonly used in commercial and residential buildings to provide natural light to interior spaces, reduce energy consumption, and create a visually stunning interior design. Some of the popular materials used in skylights and domes include glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate.


When installing skylights and domes in Dubai, it is important to consider the extreme weather conditions in the region, such as high temperatures and sandstorms, and ensure that the materials and design are suitable for the climate. It is also important to comply with local building codes and regulations to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the installation.


what our client says

Ms. Sara

Ms. Sara

Business Woman

Excellent service and communication. Had front door sprayed from dark to light grey, the result is amazing. Would highly recommend Windoor uPVC Company. 

Mr. Mohamed

Mr. Mohamed

General Manager

We were delighted with the support of your team and the quality of your product, of which you should be rightly proud. An excellent robust products, well made and installed. I would be happy to recommend Windoor uPVC & Aluminum Doors and Windows.

Mr. Rony

Mr. Rony


We have found Windoor uPVC & Aluminum Windows and Doors staff to be very hard working, friendly and always carry out work to a very high specification. Very pleased with the windows, its fits perfect.

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