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They are a fantastic and beautiful addition to any home, ideal for letting natural light brighten up otherwise dark rooms.


The biggest benefit of opting for uPVC is its low cost. As a material, uPVC is usually the cheapest option on offer ahead of metal and timber. It can be used to construct a range of conservatory styles and has a surprising level of customisability.


More styles and colors are now readily available with timber-look designs entering the market too - providing a cheaper alternative to the real thing.


Despite its low cost, uPVC has fantastic insulation properties - keeping your conservatory warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


It is also remarkably low maintenance; All you need to do is give it a quick wipe down with a cloth to keep the structure clean. Unlike timber conservatories, uPVC does not require varnishing or painting on a regular basis and should keep its color for a long period of time.


Whilst it's not the strongest conservatory construction material when compared to something like aluminium, uPVC is still very durable and secure. It also holds up nicely against the elements as it won't swell, rot or warp in damp weather - a definite benefit over options like timber.



Conservatories are not as commonly used in Dubai as they are in other parts of the world, mainly due to the hot and humid climate of the region. Conservatories are typically made of glass and metal frames, and are used as an extension of a home, allowing homeowners to enjoy the benefits of natural light and outdoor views while being protected from the elements.



In Dubai, where the weather is often hot and humid, conservatories can be difficult to maintain due to the high heat and UV exposure. However, with proper design and technology, it is still possible to create a functional and comfortable conservatory in Dubai.



To make a conservatory suitable for Dubai's climate, it is important to use specialized glazing materials that can block out the harmful UV rays and reduce the amount of heat that enters the space. Double or triple glazed glass can be used to provide insulation and reduce heat transfer, while also improving energy efficiency.



It is also important to consider the ventilation requirements of the conservatory, as proper ventilation is essential to maintain a comfortable temperature and prevent moisture buildup. An automated shading system can be installed to control the amount of sunlight that enters the conservatory, while a mechanical ventilation system can be used to regulate the temperature and humidity levels.


what our client says

Ms. Sara

Ms. Sara

Business Woman

Excellent service and communication. Had front door sprayed from dark to light grey, the result is amazing. Would highly recommend Windoor uPVC Company. 

Mr. Mohamed

Mr. Mohamed

General Manager

We were delighted with the support of your team and the quality of your product, of which you should be rightly proud. An excellent robust products, well made and installed. I would be happy to recommend Windoor uPVC & Aluminum Doors and Windows.

Mr. Rony

Mr. Rony


We have found Windoor uPVC & Aluminum Windows and Doors staff to be very hard working, friendly and always carry out work to a very high specification. Very pleased with the windows, its fits perfect.

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