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WINDOOR is the best Supplier of ACP Cladding and Structural glazing in UAE


ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) and Structural Glazing are two popular options for building exteriors, each offering unique advantages depending on the needs of the building and the design aesthetic.


ACP is a type of material made up of two thin sheets of aluminum sandwiching a polyethylene core.


ACP is popular due to its lightweight, durable, and versatile nature.


It is used in building exteriors for both decorative and functional purposes, such as cladding, signage, and roofing.


ACP is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, making it a popular choice for architects and designers looking to create a unique and modern look.


What is Structural Glazing and Where to find the best product in Dubai?


Structural glazing is a method of glass installation where the glass panels are bonded to the building structure with a silicone sealant or other adhesive material, eliminating the need for visible fasteners or framing.


Structural glazing is popular for its sleek and minimalist appearance, as well as its ability to create large, uninterrupted glass surfaces.


Structural glazing is often used in high-end commercial and residential buildings, where a modern and sophisticated look is desired.


Serena Project more than Thousand 1000 Villa initiated by Windoor for UPVC

Owner : Dubai Properties

Consultant : Al Dewan Consultant

Main Contractor : Genco General Contracting

UPVC Sub Contractor : Windoor UPVC

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