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Why uPVC is the future?

uPVC doors and windows are considered to be a smart investment and an excellent purchase decision as they do not require any repainting and extensive maintenance. They are high-functioning as they do not rot, warp or corrode and their profile color remains the same for years to come, even in the harshest climatic conditions, be it summer, winter or monsoon.


Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) windows and doors are eco-friendly as there is no wood or lead in them, and they can be recycled. They are much easier to maintain and much more durable than metal or wood. These window and door profiles are termite-resistant and last for years.


uPVC windows and doors are available in various designs and styles that will appeal to any architect or builder, and they can be installed in any kind of building, be it villas, high-rise apartments, offices, commercial buildings, hotels, schools or hospitals.


Windooruae profile are available in various color options as well, adding value to your interiors as well as exteriors. The current trend of laminate profiles is increasingly preferred. Laminates provide you with a certain finishing, for example – a wood finish, giving your building an added style of wooden doors and windows.


uPVC profiles come with varieties in style – providing thermal insulation, water tightness, durability, sound resistance, fitting look, and appearance. Styles like casement, tilt, and turn, sliding, slide and fold, and more, complement modern architecture in a unique way.

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