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ما هو الــ uPVC

When you decide to buy windows and doors for your home, you must carefully choose the most appropriate method from the various options available to you. When you search for windows and doors, several options will appear in front of you, so you can choose one of them.

So what is the scientific definition of UPVC or uPVC?

UPVC, or as some call it PVC, is an unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) as it is commonly used as a widely used plastic material. It is one of the most valuable products of the chemical industry. free radical mechanism. Globally, more than 50% of manufactured polyvinyl chloride is used in construction as a construction material because it is cheap and easy to install. In recent years, PVC has replaced many construction materials in many areas, although there are concerns about the impact of PVC on the environment and human health. As this polymer is unstable towards light and heat and this leads to wide changes in the structure due to the removal of HCl and this also affects its physical, chemical and mechanical properties.Polyvinyl chloride is produced from the monomer of vinyl chloride, which is a very important compound in the industry.

UPVC is the most widespread alternative to both wood and aluminum, as the most famous interior designers in the world and all lovers of sophistication depend on it, as it saves the cost by a large percentage compared to wood and aluminum, as windows and doors are made Of UPVC enjoy With a guarantee of up to 10 years on all units, it is one of the most distinctive elements of this industry.

It also provides them with a multiplicity of shapes and different designs that give the owner a sense of different diversity, which is what the owners are looking for, as it is reinforced from the inside with the necessary iron elements that work to increase the hardness and durability inside the units, which also works to protect the units from the inside, so It is important to ensure that there are steel parts inside the units

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