About Us

Windoor was established in 2007 in Al Qusais Industrial Area- 3 - Dubai. Over the years we have emerged as one of the leading u-PVC / Aluminium, Windows and doors fabricator in the region. Within a short period of time, we have proved our quality of product and workmanship as well as our services. All this have helped us to grow and now we have a large number of happy and satisfied customers who keep on giving us more opportunity to work with their projects. With our dedicated & experienced staff we have always ensured quality and high standard product. Customer’s satisfaction is our main concern and we believe that customer satisfaction is the key factor for our success.

With our spacious, 5000 sqm manufacturing facility, WINDOOR has the capabilities to tackle projects of all sizes, from villas and residential homes to large scale office or industrial buildings. Our state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with our highly trained engineers and technicians ensure that only the best product reaches your building. From our Master Fabricators to our rigorous Quality Control agents, every WINDOOR products gets special individual attention to design, structure and quality to guarantee the level of high quality that has become the hallmark of WINDOOR products.

With visionary leadership and a dedicated team, WINDOOR set out to design Windows & Doors specifically for the Arabian Gulf climate and created products that today still meet every challenged posed by the formidable environment. Over the past One decades our engineers and technicians have continually innovated ways to make WINDOOR products perfect for the harsh desert climate, from heat insulation to dust and sand proofing. In the saline-heavy climate of the Emirates, all WINDOOR products are free from electrolytic corrosion, ensuring that our products last far longer than others in the market as well as offering little to no maintenance for the client.

Aside from environmental challenges of the UAE, WINDOOR meets every design challenge from all of our clientele. From customizing skylights and curtain walls to matching doors and windows with the home or villa design, the WINDOOR design team is perfectly trained for ensuring that our products compliment and enhance your home. Whether it’s slanted, curved, and square or a design you just thought of, at WINDOOR, we can make it a reality.



Windoor Plastic Industries LLC


We have tried our best to infuse integrity and honesty at our workplace, something that we have always stood by. Our workplace is not only employer friendly but out most care has been taken that each one of us are customer friendly too.